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Covid 19 Update

In September schools will go back and if there is a second wave the Government have said schools will be the last to close. Young People still need education, they still need to learn about the different jobs, they still need know what skills they need for jobs, they still need to develop employability skills and WE still need YOU!

Skillstree Ambassadors will be needed next academic year to support young people with their future through our programme of events. Although it will be different, with virtual events, it still remains an essential part of their education and young people need more support than ever before.

So we need you to sign up to be Skillstree Ambassador, and we need you and your friends and your colleagues support more than ever to make the virtual in-school events that connect to the world of work happen!

As always volunteering at an EBP South/Basingstoke Consortium, virtual, in-school events with young people ag
ed 4 -18 remains a great way for people to share their skills to prepare young people for working life. 

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Being a Skillstree Ambassador is volunteering at an EBP South/Basingstoke Consortium in-school event with young people aged 4 -18. It is a great way for people to share their skills to prepare young people for working life. 

The events are 1 day or a couple of hours and often require no preparation. It is about you giving a few hours or a day to support young people with employability skills and share your knowledge of your job role and industry. 


Skillstree Ambassador is a great way to Do Good. Share Skills. And Volunteer. There are also many additional benefits including: 

  • Pin Badge and welcome letter following signing up
  • Invite to the annual Skillstree event
  • Certificate awarded at the Skillstree event
  • An opportunity to receive the Skillstree Ambassador Award
  • Regular e-newsletters
  • Monthly email with the forthcoming events for you to sign up to

It is a great way to develop your skills for your CV/LinkedIn and could be part of your Career Development Plan (CDP).

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To sign up as a Skillstree Ambassador click here.

In-School Events - There will be virtual events from next academic year due to Covid-19

This is an over view of the type of Skillstree events you can support as a Skillstree Ambassador. These events take place in-schools across Hampshire and the surrounding areas. 

Speed Networking
About: Student(s) will ask you questions about your job, company and industry. Students will be rotate round the r'oom' every 15minutes. This gives students an understanding of different work places as well as build their employability skills e.g. confidence and communication skills.

Mock Interviews
About: You will be interviewing students. We will give you a list of questions at the beginning of the event about competencies, interests etc. You can also prepare your own questions if you want to. At the end give students feedback on their communication skills, body language etc. Students will virtually rotate throughout the day.

Interview Preparation
About: You will deliver and run an interactive workshop on Body Language, Interview Questions, Interview Scenarios or CV’s. The details of the workshop will be sent to you prior to the event and the physical resources will be provided on the day. You can volunteer with someone to run the workshop, if you’d prefer.

Guess My Job
About: Primary School Children guess your job by asking ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. You will be given ‘yes’ and ‘no’ cards to hold up and can have props to help them guess your job. They will be in small groups and will virtually rotate around the room.

About: Mentoring is a unique opportunity to support a young person during term-term for an hour a week to help them with their next steps. It's sounds simple but often young people may not have the support at home or lack confidence. Having someone (and you may be the only person) taking the time to ask them 'How are you?' 'How has your week been?' 'How was School?' and taking the time to listen, support and believe in them can have a huge impact in them engaging in their school work and steering them to focus on their future career.

Training is provided by EBP South. Mentoring opportunities are available at a range of schools across the South Coast.

To register as a Skillstree mentor click here.

Other Volunteer Options - Career Inspiration Videos

Following the Covid-19 outbreak and lock down we begun these videos to help engage, educate and inspire young people about the world of work. Following the success of the videos we are looking to carry this on.

We are looking for businesses and professionals to share their experience and knowledge to inspire young people with either with Careers Inspiration Videos or Emploaybility Skills Top Tips for our YouTube Channel. 

These are short videos, filmed at home by yourself, that can then be used by the Careers Practitioners to show to young people who maybe considering a Career in your industry or used by young people themselves.

If you would like to provide is a video for one of the following areas please email us outlining your story/advice that you would like to share.

  • Careers Insights into your Industry
    • What do jobs in your industry involve?
    • How do you get into your industry?
    • What skills do you need?
  • Your Career Journey
    • Was it a smooth one?
    • How did you overcome any barriers you faced
  • Employabilty tips?
    • What are you top 5 tips for e.g. interviews?

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Us

Contact the Skillstree Team on:

e. [email protected]
t. EBP South (South Coast and South Hampshire) - 023 9228 3400
t. Basingstoke Consortium (North Hampshire) - 01256 840710

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