EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) provide a one-point of contact to manage a range of work experience for businesses across Hampshire including Portsmouth, Southampton and Basingstoke.

We offer 2 different types of work experience which includes;

  1. Traditional 1 - 2 weeks in-person work experience
  2. Extended Work Experience

Traditional in-person work experience

EBP South provide a complete in-person work experience service for schools and businesses, making us the one-point of contact for work experience. This includes both block 1 week or 2 weeks and placements take place across the whole year.

We work with businesses to provide a full ‘placement suitability’ service which guarantees quality, appropriateness and safety of all placements.

Businesses can update their details, work experience placements, number of placements and availability for placements throughout. Students then search for a placements that are of interest to them in their local area and apply for them.

Once students apply you will be informed, at this point you can ask for more information and/or interview them before you accept their application. You can accept or decline their request. 

For more information please contact us: [email protected]

Extended work experience

Extended work experience placements are great for young people on an alternative curriculum to learn on the job; many of which then go on to take apprenticeships with the organisations. It's usually for 1 day a week for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Many of the placements students request are in practical industries including building, mechanics, nurseries, hairdressing etc. The employers requirements are no different to having a student on a 2 week placement but instead they attend your workplace for 1 day a week.

Businesses see it as a way to support the development of a young person to become an integral part of the team.

It's a great way to offer an on-going work experience placement and offer on the job training similar to an apprentice. There is no cost to businesses for providing an extended work experience placements.

For more information please contact us:[email protected]

How to provide work experience role(s)

Provide Work Experience

Businesses of all sizes can advertise work experience opportunity at no cost through EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium). We are a one point of contact enabling you to offer work experience to multiple schools across Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton. 

We will:

  1. Register your business 
  2. Advertise the role(s) that are available
  3. Put when your company is available to take work experience placements

Students are able to view the placement(s) and apply for them. Once they apply you will be informed, at this point you can ask for more information and/or interview them before you accept their application. You can accept or decline their request.

I want to provide work experience

Is my business suitable for students?

  • Your business must have Employers’ Liability insurance
  • Your workplace must provide a safe environment for a student
  • You must provide support and supervision for your student

Outcomes for your business

There is growing evidence employers use work experience placements as recruitment opportunities for young people. 

  • Additional support in your business
  • You're supporting the future work force
  • Gain a young person's perspective on your business
  • Young people can bring a lot of skills to your business
  • Young people provide fresh ideas

Contact us

Contact Kerry for an informal conversation about how you can offer work experience placements to young people:

Telephone: 02392 283400
Email [email protected]

I want to provide work experience


Work Experience

Students already registered to the work experience system can logon via the links below. Students that do not have a username and password will need to contact their school.

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