EBP South and Basingstoke Consortium have begun a campaign, ‘Work Experience Myths’, to encourage more businesses to offer work experience.

They manage work experience placements for over 4000 young people across Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Ian Saynor, Contracts Manager at EBP South said ‘Our biggest challenge is businesses making incorrect assumptions that they are unable to offer work experience when in fact they can. The aim of the campaign is to make businesses aware that offering work experience is easy and a benefit for their business.’

The Myths Include:

  1. Myth “I don’t have the correct insurance.”
    Fact “You only need Employers’ Liability Insurance.”

  2. Myth “There is too much red tape.”
    Fact “If you have employees then most things will already be in place for you to offer work experience.”

  3. Myth “I don’t have the time!”
    Fact “Set them tasks and it can save your business time.”

  4. Myth “It doesn’t benefit me or my business.”
    Fact “It does! It helps to bridge the skills gap and inspire young people into your industry.”

  5. Myth “My business is busy when students go on work experience.”
    Fact “Work experience placements take place throughout the year and you can specify when you can take students.”

  6. Myth “I won’t know what the student is like before the placement.”
    Fact “Businesses are advised to interview the student before the placement although this is not compulsory.”

With the increased number of work experience placements required, businesses across all sectors are being encouraged to offer work experience through EBP South and Basingstoke Consortium.

They provide a one-point of contact for businesses to offer work experience to multiple schools. Businesses can register online with the placement(s) and their availability.

In addition, EBP South and Basingstoke Consortium manage extended work experience placements for students on an alternative curriculum. Extended work experience placements are often a stepping stone for students to progress onto apprenticeships or college.

To find out more or register your company to provide work experience contact EBP South and Basingstoke Consortium Work Experience Team on [email protected] or 023 9228 3400.