EBP South and Basingstoke Consortium a one point of contact between businesses and their local schools across Hampshire and surrounding areas.

We are an established organisation with over 20 years experience and working directly with over 100 schools. By brokering the partnership we make it easy for you to make a real contribution to local young people’s futures.

We have many different opportunities and ways that your company can get involved with young people aged 4 - 18. We can put together a tailored package or you can get involved in one of our programmes or events which includes:

Investment Opportunities 

Investing in EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) enables you to connect schools and young people to your world of work.

We have established connections with 100's of schools both primary and senior across Hampshire including Portsmouth, Southampton and Basingstoke.

Become a investor

Skillstree Ambassador Programme

Your staff can volunteer at one or more in-school events to up-skill young people or they can mentor a young person. It is a great opportunity for your staff to develop their skills and give back to the local community.

Enroll your staff in the Skillstree Ambassador Programme 

Inspiration Fairs

Inspire 100's of young people into your industry by demonstrating skills required through an interactive activity that showcases a skill, your businesses or industry. There is no charge to attend these events which give your business an opportunity to develop the pipeline from a young age.

Attend An Inspirational Fair

STEM Events

Attend STEM Events - Attend a Primary Schools' STEM Fair or Big Bang Fair (for Secondary Schools) to educate and inspire 100's of young people about STEM careers. There is no cost to attend. It is a great opportunity to inspire young people and develop your brand.  

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Early Careers Education

Support Early Careers - Find out about how your organisation can be part of our established early careers programmes that we run in schools. These include Guess My Job, Primary STEM Fair, In-School STEM events including: Drop the Egg challenge and much more.

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Work Experience 

Work Experience

Provide Work Experience - Give young the opportunity to develop skills and experience work experience. Placements include 1 week and 2 week blocks as well as ongoing work experience for 1 day a week.

It is a great way to help young people develop the essential soft skills businesses often say young people don't have coming into the workplace. It also gives your business an opportunity to have additional support for your business.

Offer a Work Experience Placement 

Linking to the Curriculum

Linking your business to the school Curriculum

Take over a lesson in a school that shows how your businesses uses an aspect of the curriculum in a real working environment e.g. setting a task about algebra that you use in your workplace; or e.g. chemicals used in hair salons. 

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Step into Days

Step into Days

Step into Days are an opportunity for you to open your doors to young people. It's a great way to invite young people into your businesses to gain an insight into how your organisation works, see behind the scenes and gain an understanding of your industry.

You can run activities or challenges as part of the day or just show students around. Many young people haven't been to a place of work before so just seeing different places of work can really help young people to gain an understanding of different work spaces.


If you have an idea or an opportunity that you would like develop alongside us as a one-point of contact between schools and education please do get in contact with us. We have work with a vast range of businesses to develop bespoke programmes over the past 20+ years. 

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Contact us for a conversation about how working with EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) can connect your company to schools; and how it could benefit your business, staff and reach your CSR objectives:  

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