With 20 years’ experience EBP South is the leader in the Central South connecting businesses and schools through established high-quality programmes.

Working alongside forward-thinking businesses our proactive approach provides social mobility for young people, opportunities to challenge job role stereotypes and support for industries with emerging skills gaps, delivering a diverse, skilled workforce.

Starting in primary school, we offer a pipeline of opportunities to engage with tomorrow’s employees, and in such challenging times our partnership work as a single point of contact for businesses and schools has never been more important.

As a result of EBP South’s leadership, over the next five years more than 75,000 young people will connect to businesses, benefitting from ambitious, life-changing interactions that over an extended period, positively impact students’ attainment and attendance.

Invest in Young People

EBP South enables you to connect schools and young people to your world of work.

Through our established programmes and connections with 100's of schools and colleges we can work with you create a package that enables you to develop your pipeline of talent.

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Skillstree Practical Training Programme  

EBP South’s Skillstree volunteering programme connects employees and young people together through established employability programmes to enable them to both share and develop their skills.  

This creates two vital opportunities for organisations to upskill their current workforce and at the same time directly upskills the future workforce.   

The Skillstree volunteering programme is a practical training program that Line Managers and employees can use as part of their CPD through their appraisals or otherwise to directly develop their team members skills. The training programme also helps to engage staff members and increase their production and motivation. 

In addition, employees can directly request to be part of the Skillstree volunteering programme as part of their own development, and we will support companies to create a culture of volunteering. 

Through the training programme and by embedding the Skillstree volunteer programme EBP South provides a unique service that supports companies in being a high performing working organisation, increases the production and motivation of staff and has a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing. 

As your employees develop their skills they will also be sharing and upskilling young people across Hampshire and the surrounding areas who are the future talent of your community, industry, and company. The programmes help young people to develop transferable skills including both employability skills and communication skills. 

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Inspirational Careers Fairs

Inspire 100's of young people into your industry by demonstrating the skills required through an interactive activity that showcases your businesses or industry. These events which give your business an opportunity to develop the pipeline from a young age.

Businesses are required to create a short 5 minute activity that young people can take part-in individually or in groups or it can be piece of equipment you use in your job that young people can 'explore' e.g. bus company - buses or theatre 'lighting' etc. The activity must to be related to the organisation or industry.

Young people will then freely explore the the businesses activities. The purpose is to engage them in a fun way that then enables them to ask you questions about job roles, industry etc and through success of completing the activity they will see that maybe if they can do that, they could do a job in your industry.

Help create a spark and inspire the next generation.  

Attend An Inspirational Fair

Virtual STEM Events

The Primary STEM fair and Secondary STEM fair events give your business an opportunity to develop the pipeline from a young age.

Businesses are required to create a short 20 or 30 minute STEM activity that young people in groups can take part in. Businesses will need to supply the equipment and resources. The activity should be fun and you could have prizes for the group quickest time if they are making a car etc, or furthest plane etc.

The aim if for young people to have fun, take part in a STEM activity and at the end linking the STEM activity to the jobs so they can see if they can build a toy car, they would build other things and if they had fun they might enjoy a career in that industry.

Young people will be in groups will rotate throughout the day between the businesses.

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Early Careers Education 

Support Early Careers - Find out about how your organisation can be part of our established early careers programmes that we run in schools. These include Guess My Job, Primary STEM Fair, In-School STEM events including: Drop the Egg challenge and much more.

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In-Person Work Experience 

Work Experience

Provide in-person Work Experience - Give young the opportunity to develop skills and experience work experience. Placements include 1 week and 2 week blocks as well as ongoing work experience for 1 day a week.

It is a great way to help young people develop the essential soft skills businesses often say young people don't have coming into the workplace. It also gives your business an opportunity to have additional support for your business.

Offer a Work Experience Placement 

Virtual and In-Person Linking to the CurriculumLinking your business to the school Curriculum

Take over a lesson in a school that shows how your businesses uses an aspect of the curriculum in a real working environment e.g. setting a task about algebra that you use in your workplace; or e.g. chemicals used in hair salons. 

These lessons are currently being run virtually and are a great opportunity to show young people what is learnt in the classroom is used in the world of work.

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Step into Days (In-Person)

Step into Days

Step into Days are an opportunity for you to open your doors to young people. It's a great way to invite young people into your businesses to gain an insight into how your organisation works, see behind the scenes and gain an understanding of your industry.

You can run activities or challenges as part of the day or just show students around. Many young people haven't been to a place of work before so just seeing different places of work can really help young people to gain an understanding of different work spaces.


If you have an idea or an opportunity that you would like develop alongside us as a one-point of contact between schools and education please do get in contact with us. We have work with a vast range of businesses to develop bespoke programmes over the past 20+ years. 

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