Location: National Oceanography Centre - Southampton
Date: 26/06/2024
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm

Inspiring STEM 2024 - Exhibit

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Inspiring STEM event is an interactive, timetabled one day event. This event provides businesses with an opportunity to inspire secondary school students about careers in STEM. Taking place at the National Oceanography Centre, this event combines activities provided by businesses with lab activities and a NOC activity. Businesses are required to create a short 25-minute STEM activity that young people in groups can take part in. Businesses will need to supply the equipment and resources. The activity should be fun and you could have prizes for the group with the quickest time if they are making a car or furthest plane etc.

The benefits of attending are:

  • It is an exciting, fun, interactive event that showcases the career opportunities in STEM industries.
  • Helping the break down stereotypes about STEM careers.
  • It inspires young people to aspire to job roles in your industry – often young people don’t aspire to job roles because they don’t know they exist or what they involve.
  • By attending this event, businesses can help to reduce future skills gaps – research has shown it is important that young people are inspired by businesses from a young age.
  • This event is a proactive way for businesses to give back to your community.

Exhibiting Costs

The cost to exhibit is £250+VAT. Charities, Uniformed Public Services, organisations with less than 10 staff and event partners and sponsors are exempt from payment.


If you wish to attend this exciting event please complete the online booking form.

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Partnership and Sponsorship

An Event Partner or Sponsor will want to be at the forefront of providing young people with essential opportunities to connect them to businesses and recognise a collaborative approach from different industries has a higher impact and creates more opportunities for young people.

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