Large Scale Career Inspiration Events

EBP South’s established career events are a cost-effective way for your organisation to develop long-term recruitment plans and invest in young people. Through large-scale events, your organisation will be supporting 100’s of students from a diverse range of schools, helping to have a positive impact on social mobility, decrease the gender gap and create awareness about the job roles young people can aspire to.

Inspire 100’s of young people into your industry by demonstrating the skills required through an interactive activity that showcases your businesses or industry.

Get Inspired

Businesses are required to create a short 5 minute activity that young people can take part-in individually or in groups or it can be piece of equipment you use in your job that young people can ‘explore’ e.g. bus company – buses or theatre ‘lighting’ etc. The activity must to be related to the organisation or industry.

Young people will then freely explore the the businesses activities. The purpose is to engage them in a fun way that then enables them to ask you questions about job roles, industry etc and through success of completing the activity they will see that maybe if they can do that, they could do a job in your industry.

Help create a spark and inspire the next generation.

STEM Events (TeenTech Hampshire Festival and Primary Schools’ STEM Fair)

The Primary Schools’ STEM fair and Secondary STEM fair events give your business an opportunity to develop the pipeline from a young age.

Businesses are required to create a short 20 or 30 minute STEM activity that young people in groups can take part in. Businesses will need to supply the equipment and resources. The activity should be fun and you could have prizes for the group quickest time if they are making a car etc, or furthest plane etc.

The aim if for young people to have fun, take part in a STEM activity and at the end linking the STEM activity to the jobs so they can see if they can build a toy car, they would build other things and if they had fun they might enjoy a career in that industry.

Young people will be in groups will rotate throughout the day between the businesses.

Outcomes for business

  1. Inspire young people.
  2. Help them discover careers they may not have thought of.
  3. Help to bridge the skills gap.
  4. Be active in developing your recruitment pipeline.
  5. Grow your brand awareness.
  6. Address your Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Partnership and Sponsorship

You can be the named partner for the event or you can sponsor the event raising your profile and being the names organisation on the header, literature of the event. Its a great way to show that you are proactive in recognising the importance of inspiring young people into their future careers and highlighting the opportunities in your industry.

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