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Get Inspired Activity Form - EBP South Careers Fair(s)

This is the activity form for completion for events 2021/22.

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Your Activity

7. Please suggest two learning points that may benefit young people visiting your stand*
9. Do you require a power socket? (You will need to provide your own extension lead).*
9. Please can you confirm that your company holds Public Liability Insurance to cover any incidents that may arise with your activity?*

Risk Assessment

It is essential that you complete a Risk Assessment for your activity before the event. Please record the significant hazards, to which participants visiting your display/participating in your activity will be exposed to and what control measures you will put in place. You may want to consider age, inexperience, immaturity and lack of awareness to risk. More information about risk assessments is available at
11. I agree to complete and send over my risk assessment.*

Prize Donation

At other Get Inspired events we have kindly received donations of an Xbox One, mini IPad, Kindle Fire, Laser Quest tickets, Pantomime tickets, signed F1 baseball caps, Sunday lunch and more. These were all put into our evaluation prize draw to enable the young people to give us their valuable feedback and then receive these amazing prizes at a school assembly.
12. Our young people would be excited to receive supermarket vouchers, shopping vouchers such as Amazon, theatre tickets, family ticket to a local attraction, gift vouchers, tin of sweets, etc. If you feel you could donate a prize to this event, please do indicate below.

Event Partner or Sponsor (optional)

Exhibitor places are allocated on receipt of your return slip. Booking is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

  • A 6ft or 4ft table and two chairs will be provided. Power and other requirements should be noted on the Activity Form included in this pack. You will need to bring your own extension leads. All electrical appliances used must conform to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. All equipment must have undergone portable electrical appliance safety testing in line with current legislation and should be identified accordingly. All such equipment should be accompanied by a test certificate.
  • A few larger areas may be available upon request. (If you wish to use the outside space atBasingstoke please get in touch to discuss your requirements.)
  • All activities must be risk assessed by yourself before the event and your company must have Public Liability Insurance in place. Exhibitors should provide interactive activities and competitions, designed to attract, engage interest and educate our young people.
  • Refreshments and lunch are not provided but will be available to purchase. Do ensure you schedule in your own breaks and lunchtime throughout the day
  • Schools will book in 2 hour slots and therefore, footfall and the flow of visitors should be steady throughout the day.

Agreement Terms

  • The exhibitor accepts their statutory responsibility to assess the risks to the participants and provide information on the identified risks and control measures.
  • The exhibitor will ensure that the participant is supplied with protective clothing and equipment as necessary.
  • The exhibitor understands they must hold public liability insurance.
  • The exhibitor will take reasonable care for the health and safety of persons who may be affected by their display/activity.
    14. Terms and Conditions

    Virtual Careers Conference 2022

    Registration for the virtual Careers Conference. There is a £20,00+VAT charge to attend. Following the great feedback from the successful 2021 conference we have decided to keep theconference virtual for 2022.

    Your Details

    Your Name*

    Fee to attend

    There is a £50.00+VAT charge to attend. This can be invoiced to your organisation and paid by BACs or you can pay by card. If you are self-employed or will be paying this yourself and claiming back on expenses please put in your details.
    Who will be paying?*

    Payment Details

    Price: £ 60.00
    £50 plus VAT = £60
    How would you like to pay?

    Skillstree Volunteers - 2022

    The Volunteering Opportunities

    Speed Networking – No Preparation Required About: Student(s) will ask you questions about your job, company and industry (students will rotate round the ‘room’ every 15 minutes). This gives students an understanding of different work places as well as a chance to build their employability skills e.g. confidence and communication skills.

    Mock Interviews – No Preparation Required

    About: You will be interviewing students for this session. We will give you a list of questions at the beginning of the event about competencies, interests etc. You can also prepare your own questions if you would like. At the end you will need to provide students with feedback on their communication skills, body language etc. Students will rotate throughout the day.

    Interview Preparation – Some Preparation Required – Presentation Provided

    About: You will deliver and run an interactive workshop on Body Language, Interview Questions, Interview Scenarios or CV’s. The details of the workshop will be sent to you prior to the event and the physical resources will be provided on the day. You can volunteer with someone to run the workshop, if you’d prefer.

    Who Dunne it – No Preparation Required

    A fun challenge that will give students the chance to test and show some of the skills and qualities they’ve learnt during Year 7. For example communication, team work, resilience or problem solving. Testing these skills and qualities this will help prepare students for the rest of their school years and working life.

    Inspiration Event: Inspiring Futures – No Preparation Required

    This day will give students the chance to see and try out a broad range of career options, develop a better understanding of the career choices available to them locally and take part in a number of practical activities that develop their employability skills and help them with their own decision making.

    Sign up and volunteer at an event(s)

    1. Are you registered as a volunteer with us?*
    1. Your Name*
    6. Which event(s) would you like to volunteer at in the Summer Term?*
    You can pick one or more events.

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    Thank you for completing the form we will be in contact within 10 working days. If you need to contact us our email address is