Personal Development Programme

This programme aims to provide early intervention and works directly with young people aged 14 to 19 to improve confidence, resilience, self-awareness, communication and taking responsible risks to aid progression and personal development – bridging vital gaps within early careers.


Sessions will focus on improving mindset, through strong shared demonstration of life values, personal skills and financial focus. This will enable students to consider, reflect and apply future direction, improve their access to employment, and understanding of labour market opportunities.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 3, 4, 5, & 8.

CDI Framework: Grow, Manage, Balance, See, Create.


How will it work?

Duration: 3 sessions delivered over one day.

Student numbers: Min – 10, Max – 15 

Year Group(s): Year 10 to 13

The charge for this event is £1250 per day.


About the Facilitator

These sessions are facilitated by Simon Howlett. Simon is passionate about supporting young people from all backgrounds to thrive in today’s challenging world.

For over 25 years, he’s worked with students in technical, educational, military, personal development, and training capacities – enhancing their skills and knowledge (this includes a long term partnership with EBP South with their mentoring and STEM programmes).

“I have observed Simon delivering sessions on Life Skills, Personal Skills and Finance Skills. I have noticed that the students find these very useful skills to learn about. They feel like they are being treated like young adults during their sessions, which is very motivating for them. I thought the session on financial management was particularly helpful as many students have no idea how to manage money and may have issues with debt later on in life.

The students have missed a great deal of input due to the pandemic and the kind of skills being taught during these sessions are absolutely crucial to their future success. Many thanks for delivering these sessions.”

J Soyfi – Literacy Teaching Assistant at The Henry Cort Community College


What the students at The Henry Cort Community College said about the sessions:

“It’s helped me secure a PT job with my family and I joined a badminton group.”

“It’s made me focus on future goals/jobs and given me ideas of how to achieve and overcome challenges.”

“I liked the money section. I opened a bank account as a result of the finance session. It helped me make money. I have a buying and selling business and normally all money goes via my dad’s account, now it can be paid direct to mine.”

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